Lilipinso Kids Bedroom Set (new meshes)

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This set includes:
Övrigt balloon ceiling lights glossy L
 Övrigt balloon ceiling lights matte L
 Övrigt balloon ceiling lights glossy
 Övrigt balloon ceiling lights matte
 Lilipinso room bed
Lilipinso room little chair
Book stack
Canopy floor cushion (is an actual chair, so kids and adults can sit in it)
Square cushion
Square fat pillow
Lilipinso room star pillow
Cube side table
Deco box
Floor art
Kitty planter
Lighted canopy (is an actual light, footprint has been removed so it doesn’t interfere with sims interactions)
Long pillow
Noodoll do bird plush
Noodoll ricecarrot plush
Noodoll ricechawking plush
Noodoll ricecracker plush
Noodoll ricemimi luxe plush
Noodoll riceouch plush
Noodoll ricestorm plush
Lilipinso room rug
Lilipinso room wall art
Lilipinso sheepskin rug
Lilipinso wallpaper
There are 28 files in total. There are more swatches that were not pictured due to this post being very image heavy. I've added a separate link (ad-free) for recolouring resources as well.

CC used:
Pocci sheer curtain conversion left and right by coolpanther
Mi hublo window by souris
Fenetre hublo window by souris
Grayson string light by simman_123
Short glass panel by nullspace
Nanu herka books 2 by MTQ
Pastel backpack by simforadream
CGS mensure petunia pot by (me)
Brached succulent by Teanmoon
Magazine rack recolour by ichosim
Knitted cloud pillow by Mxims

Awesims hls rafter by (me)








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  1. I love the wallpaper from this set! However it is not showing up in my game! :( Is there an expansion pack that is needed for the wallpaper to work?


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